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{-TGD-}Veg Ninja Demo

Разработчик {-TGD-}Gaming

{-TGD-}Veg Ninja from {-TGD-}Productions, part of {-TGD-}Gaming.Veg Ninja is a game where you slice vegetables, while trying to avoid carrot bombs.
The Full version has more features that we have added, Local High Scores, Global High Scores (coming soon), ability to pause the game, and more.

This game was a demo included in Purchased Development Software.All profits from our games at current time go back into Development.For New Software/Export, Game Expanding Updates, and New Assets.
{-TGD-}Productions:Development: {-TGD-}MGen.Joker.Fproductions@tgdgaming.com
{-TGD-}Gaming:Leader: {-TGD-}MGen.Joker.Fjoker@tgdgaming.com
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